PSD to WordPress

We are primarily WordPress theme developers. Converting PSD to Responsive WordPress is our second nature. We follow best practices, coding standards and everything else to deliver a top notch WordPress theme from your PSD.

You will get...

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • 1-2 working days online customer support
  • Error free website development
  • Smooth website development
  • Full website customization
  • Responsive to all devices

Provide us with...

  • PSD Design. If each device has different layout, please also provide PSD design for desktop view in 960px width, tablet view in 768px width and mobile view in 320px width.
  • Information about each section or page
  • Mention the dynamic user interface such as a slider, button overlay, image overlay, lightbox, etc Please describe in details for any dynamic content.
  • Description of site functionality and purpose.


PSD to WordPress

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Support: 30 Days Revisions: 5 Times

Terms & Conditions

As concisely as possible, just a few rules we have to follow, so that everyones happy!


100% advance payment is required for all fixed priced services.


Fixed pricing services are not refundable.
We will refund 100% of advance amount if the project is canceled by us.


Revisions are complimentary for fixed price services. Any major revision outside of the original terms of service may incur additional charges.

Time Frame

By ordering service, you're agreeing to provide all necessary details and follow up with progress to make sure project is completed within one week


30 days of support via Email after project is done.