Security Optimization

WordPress is most used CMS on Internet. So there is no surprise that WordPress sites are the most hacked sites for the few years.

How secure is your blog or website? Are you following standard WordPress security procedures to make sure you’re not leaving any doors wide open to hacker attacks?

Don't let throw away your hard work by not taking care of your WordPress site security! Hire us and we will protect your site.


What you will get

  • Implement strong WordPress dashboard security
  • Check and ensure that strong passwords are used
  • Add additional security to protect the WordPress database
  • Check that all WordPress themes and plugins are secure
  • Check that the correct roles are assigned to WordPress users and update if necessary
  • Change of Login URL to prevent detection of Login Page to unknown people
  • Brute-Force Protection
  • Implement Anti-Malware Protection
  • Dual Factor Authentication (Optional)
  • Cleaning of Malicious Files including PHP files in the WordPress Directory
  • Protection against DDoS / Brute Force Attacks
  • Secure your Database from Hackers
  • Automatic site Back-up setup
  • Hide WordPress version

We would need

  • FTP Info
  • Hosting Control Panel Info
  • WordPress Admin Info


Security Optimization

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Terms & Conditions

As concisely as possible, just a few rules we have to follow, so that everyones happy!


100% advance payment is required for all fixed priced services.


Fixed pricing services are not refundable.
We will refund 100% of advance amount if the project is canceled by us.


Revisions are complimentary for fixed price services. Any major revision outside of the original terms of service may incur additional charges.

Time Frame

By ordering service, you're agreeing to provide all necessary details and follow up with progress to make sure project is completed within one week


30 days of support via Email after project is done.