How to use Light Box Options.

1. Go to Dashboard > Theme Options > Light Box

2. Here You have LightBox related Options to customize your Site.

3. You can choose the look and feel of the light box here. Available options are pp_default, light_rounded, dark_rounded, light_square, dark_square and Facebook

4. Choose the speed of light box appearance. Available options are Slow, Normal and Fast

5. If you choose to display an auto slideshow of an image gallery in a lightbox, you can determine the speed here.

6. Enable / Disable AutoPlay for your gallery

7. You can choose Background Opacity level here.

8. Choose whether to show Title or not

9. Choose whether to show Thumbnails of a gallery or not

10. By choosing to show Social Icons, you can enable your users to share.

11. Click Save Changes Once you're done with settings.